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Dental procedures are routinely carried out using our modern dental equipment.  Our vets perform a range of tasks; from a scale and polish to complex dental surgery, as well as extractions.  An examination for dental disease is carried out as part of the general health check up when your pet is in for their yearly booster.  The vet will discuss any treatment required with you during the consultation.  Your pet will need a general anaesthetic for all dental procedures.  Many preventative measures for dental disease can be carried out at home and our nurses are more than happy to discuss the various steps to help to maintain your pet's healthy mouth.

Operating Theatre

As well as spacious consulting/examination rooms, we have two modern purpose built operating theatres equipped with a wide range of surgical equipment allowing our vets to carry out a variety of procedures on a daily basis.  Spacious, hygienic kennels with a specialist cleaning station in our separate, quiet, recovery room enable your pet to be monitored and hygienically cleaned pre and post-operation. 

Digital Radiography

X-rays allow examination of the skeleton and internal organs which aid investigations/diagnosis of a number of conditions/injuries.  Your pet will need either a sedative or general anaesthetic, depending on each individual case, for x-rays to be taken.

For those considering breeding from their dog or bitch we carry out BVA/KC Hip and Elbow Score radiographs for the Canine Health Scheme.  (This is only for our registered clients) Please telephone the surgery for more information on the scheme.


Using one of the most advanced ultrasound machines, our vets can obtain ultra high definition images of internal organs – possibly avoiding the need for invasive surgery.  Pregnancy scans, heart scans and investigative imaging can all be carried out in house.  Your pet will feel no discomfort during this procedure but may require a sedative for an ultrasound examination.


Having a diagnostic laboratory on site we can, in the majority of cases, deliver same day results.  This allows our vets to tailor a treatment plan promptly and efficiently allowing your pet to begin treatment as soon as possible.  


Phacoemulsification is a state-of-the-art technique which offers the best success rate for cataract surgery in dogs. Phacoemulsification is the breakdown and removal of a cataract using high frequency ultrasound. Cataracts are common in dogs and may be inherited, acquired in old age, or develop as a consequence of diseases such as diabetes mellitus.  


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